Create A Planted Aquarium With Low Money

Planned Aquarium looks very nice to see. But the good cost to build a well-planted tank. So, we will make a well-planted tank in less money today. It is possible to easily create a planted tank, which will enhance the beauty of your home. So let's see how to create a well-planted tank in less money...Before creating a planted tank, there are some important things to keep in mind. Not all kinds of fish can be placed in this tank. And the planted tank should be removed from the direct light of the sun, if the direct sunlight takes on the tank then the algae will be made, which will damage your planted tank. But keep it in the whole dark place is bad too. The right place where light sunlight and wind come. And the planted is very heavy, so a good stand is a must. Ideal planted fish neon tetra, ram, angel, discus, guppy, dwarf gourami etc. Create a planted aquarium with low money...
Create A Planted Aquarium With Low Money

Create a planted aquarium.

the material is used:

Tank Required :

Create A Planted Aquarium With Low Money
Tanks will be good because the water and the gravels are too heavy, so to buy a good tank or to make it. A minimum 10-gallon tank is good for beginners, smaller size tanks can be used but also need some knowledge. We are planted in less money so we will use 10 gallons of tanks. The price of 10 gallons tank is very low, $ 20 (₹ 1500) will be easily available in your nearest Hobby store.

Substrate :

Create A Planted Aquarium With Low MoneyCreate A Planted Aquarium With Low MoneyWe are created low cost planted tank, so we use the construction-sand as a substrate. But trees are very well planted in the sand. But the sand is very dirty so we will use small gravels on the sand. The gravels will not allow the sand dirt to rise and will hold small plants.

Plants :

Create A Planted Aquarium With Low Money
Their area unit several variations of the plant, however, we have a tendency to area unit low price planted tanks, therefore we are going to see some low price and low-maintained plants. First come Amazon Sword Plant: Very good plant cost and maintenance less. JAVA ferns also good low maintenance and look better. There are many more plants, please read my previous blog if desired. Click if you want to read

Ideal Freshwater Aquarium Plants

Filter :

You can use any of the best filters. But the water flow of the filter is low otherwise, all the plants are going to be raised. So it is better to use less water flow filters.

Light :

Create A Planted Aquarium With Low Money
The lights are very important for the planted tank. Without a light, the planted tank is nothing. So used the lights very well. The LED light is the best, but not all the LED lights are the same. 10000k load light is best for the planted tank. If you do not get 10000k lights 8500k lights are also good, but less light is not good.

Then all of us are ready. Now we will create a step-by-step planted tank...

First, in a good place in the house where light and air comes, keeping the Accurium stand and keeping the tank over. Then pour the substrate (sand) into a 1.5-inch inch. Then the decoction of the gravel is 1-1.5 inches thick. Now we will give light water, then we will put our plants together. And filled the Aquarium with full water. Then fill the filter and let the Aquarium have any medicine to clean water. Run the filter and make the tank stay one week, and the light will burn the first one month to 5-6 hours and then 8 hours at the same time every day. After a week, look at the plants better, if it is growing well then you can leave the fish. If the growth of the plants is not good then see another week, then the fish will leave Aquarium. If the fish is discharged before the expansion of the plant, the plants could also be dying...
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