Make Bonsai Without Money

If Bonsai is without any money, then it is good. Bonsai may be very tempting to see but if you can get it right. Making bonsai is not very easy, nor is it tough. First of all, know how to make Bonsai. Bonsai can be easily made without money.

Bonsai is a handy job, needs time together. But once you know it the next time it is very easy to do. Before making Bonsai, you need to know how to do Bonsai. Bonsai is not at once. It takes time and hard work. Then Bansai is making without money.

Bonsai making materials without any money.

Make Bonsai Without Money

First of all, the necessary Bonsai soil.

If you know how to make Bonsai soil without money, please read my previous blog.
Make Bonsai Soil Without Money.
Bonsai soil created by mixing all the ingredients well. Very simple.

The appropriate species of tree for your climate.

Make Bonsai Without Money

Not all trees can be bonsai. Not all bonsai trees are the same, and all the trees may not be suitable for your climate. You will see the trees according to your climate. Take a look around your home and find a suitable Bonsai tree suitable for you. Keep in mind that we are doing business without money, so we have to work a little more. If you do not have a good tree around your home, then you will get a good tree easily with any jungle or road around your home.

If you get the tree, the tree will be very careful. Then take a water container, the plant ought to be unbroken within the water terribly fastidiously. We should keep it bonsai without money. Keep the plants and trees in a shadow.

Then take a pot.

Make Bonsai Without Money
Make Bonsai Without Money
If you buy a pot from the market, it will cost a lot, and we do bonsai without money.

Easily found an old plastic or clay pot in your home. By choosing the pots you like, you have made it as much as you like. Keep in mind that very cheap of the vessel ought to be unbroken within the geographic area. If the water isn't drained, then the soil can get obviate the foundation of the plant and therefore the plant can die slowly. The place for drainage is very important.

Then we have made Bonsi pots without money.

All of us are ready, now we will make bonsai.

At first place, the pot of water in the vessel should be provided with some scraps so that the soil does not leave. At that point, bonsai soil will be loaded up with. Then plant the tree kept in the water vessel and put it in the soil-filled containers, and will soak the soil and trees well with water. Then Bonsai will be ready without our mone

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