Best Tropical Fish for Beginners

Best Tropical Fish for Beginners

Tropical fish are commonly those fish found in tropical situations around the globe, including both freshwater and saltwater species. Fishkeepers regularly keep tropical fish in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Best Tropical Fish 

1. Neon Tetra

Best Tropical Fish for Beginners

Neon tetra gets around one and a half inches Cardinals ton gear on to they can tell full-grown adult male. Cardinal tetras with the integers because of look red white and blue of the neon red and blue the Cardinal very different in appearance. same colors but they look and are shaped differently. Tropical Fish. Neon tetra prefers a pH of 6.5 to 7.5. now 7.5 was the absolute max. I would definitely not go over that and I would maybe push your pH down to like 6.4. You know just to add a little extra of Cygnus but they prefer soft and sick water. Tropical Fish. so I would say you know between six point five and seven is generally.


Neon tetra is pretty hard to breed they need a pH of like 6.5 a core EMP is or black bar. An extract is definitely a must you should separate a male and a female in a separate tank. Tropical Fish. And wait for them to release their eggs and the male and female to the main tank. Then the eggs will hatch and you feed the fry in fuchsia. Which is just like a bunch of tiny microorganisms and bright big brunch in that loud noise. With the door so you know so not like under attack or anything and once you feed. The once the babies get big enough feed them powdered foods.

After that feed them crushed up like so and after that, he didn't flake food okay sorry about that guy and I'll show you the difference between male and female. Now male neon tetra has a bright blue stripe that is straight. Female also has a blue stripe that is curved also females are fatter just naturally. Tropical Fish. They are here's an example of a male straight line and he's skinny what that is that's a straight line. Yeah, an example a female would be right here see the curved line. Now feather it seeks me on a few more seems shot see that.

Tank Mates :

There's a difference and I would not keep me on touches with fish. That will eat them fish larger than three to four inches and mouths are pretty big. Definitely will try to eat some angelfish hit or miss normally. Tropical Fish. They will try to eat them but it may or may not be a success tank mates can be other tetras.

2. Swordtail

Best Tropical Fish for Beginners

Swordtail.which shudders scientific name zero for axillary acoustic extremes level beginner sliced and five years sight of feasts. Tropical Fish. maximum six inches meaning of tanks and 15 gallon light needs normal light temperaments peaceful water condition seven to eight point four page and hardness twelve to thirty high temperature 54 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit of water.

Swordtail very popular species of a home aquarium. They are space fill in nature and easy to care for this region. This is one of the best searches for Vienna they have quiet evening types of things. With a great variety of colors. Tropical Fish. They live in a group but not as we use tanks is the meaning of death size. Swordtail is Versatile fish would be at least agreeable what are conditions the tropical fields.

That can tolerate a wide range of water temperature of 64 degrees to 82 degrees for a nice also. They're free from hard water and pH in you are in between seven to eight point four. Tropical Fish. You can add a little salt in the order of about 1 to 1.5 tsp part of the rough water. What is is the middle this fish will swim in all areas of their Korean but mostly in a balloon.

care :

Swordtail. Water changes water changes of 30% every 5 to 7 days or more often. With English drop tanks diet, this feces and from before and they will accept a wide variety of force. You can give them play pools microplate and life or frozen food like brine stream grad worms damn near etc. Tropical Fish. Short elf is it a high physical component and a lot of algae in their natural habit you can fit. Your shuttle babies two to three times a day but doesn't feed excessive food at a day. Ifs basically growth also tell fry is slow. If you want them to grow faster since the water frequently and provide every quality.

3.Fancy Guppy

Best Tropical Fish for Beginners

I want to talk about fancy guppies. So I'm gonna tell you about how to keep 'em alive and tips and tricks. So, the fancy guppy is stranger to no one. Everyone's seen fancy guppies in a store at some point or another.

Fancy Guppy. These are what we have here. The things to know: they like hard water, they like higher PH. If you're not giving them that, they'll fall apart. Tropical Fish. I usually want to see them in at least 7.2 PH, if not 7.5. I want lots a hardness, they just do better that way.
The males have all the color typically. You can get some females that have some decent color, but the males have what's called a gonopodium, so a little stick-like fin on the bottom of the fish. Tropical Fish. The females are gonna be less colorful, like this yellow one you're seeing here. Fancy Guppy also, on the bottom, they have a triangle fin so, on the bottom...

breeding and care :

So that's how you breeding Fancy Guppy. Color and that fin is a much better determination. You always want to keep more females than males. A good ratio to keep in mind is two or three females for every male you have. Tropical Fish. once you get up past 10, 12, 15 Fancy Guppy, that ratio doesn't matter as much anymore 'cause there's enough to spread it around. So if you set your tank up correctly with lots of hiding places and things like that, you will produce babies typically.

Very easy to feed, will eat almost anything so you can use flake food, you can use frozen foods, you can use pellets, they will eat almost anything. They'll pick at algae, which that's nice, you can see 'em doing that on the filter. They're picking at some algae there. Tropical Fish. Great for planting, 'cause they show off all that color against your green backdrop. There's also specialized things, like strains of Fancy Guppy that you'd be breeding that stays true. There's basically a color if you can think of a color, there's a Fancy Guppy out there that matches it.

Fancy Guppy tend to be relatively cheap. I would say, smallest tank you want to keep guppies in is a five gallon, and that's if you had just a trio, a male, and two females. But really a 10 gallon or more, 20, 30, 40, 50 gallons, all those are better. Tropical Fish.

The things you wanna watch out for is don't keep them too cool. Some people say, "Well, you don't have to heat guppies." You do! All these Fancy Guppy are highly inbred to get these colors, so they really do like to be 78 to 80, so keep 'em warm, keep 'em well fed, keep their water clean, that's an important part.

A lot of people, they let it overcrowd, they feed too much, they're trying to save all the babies, and they get poor water quality. Then you get bacterial infections and things like that, and the guppies really just start going downhill. So you wanna keep 'em healthy by keeping their water clean.
They do great with most types of fish, corydoras, peaceful tetras like neons, stuff like that. You wouldn't wanna put them with other aggressive species, let's say, red-tailed sharks, barbs, like tiger barbs, you wouldn't wanna put them with any aggressive tetras, nothing that's gonna tear at their fins. Tropical Fish.

This is definitely what you want for a peaceful aquarium, lots of colors, cheap, easy to maintain. If you're setting up a tank for Fancy Guppy, my recommendation is, go ahead and use crushed coral as a substrate, add minerals to the water so that it stays hard, and you'll have the best-looking Fancy Guppy that anyone's ever seen. Tropical Fish. That's a good thing. You'll enjoy it, you'll make more, you'll never run out as long as you keep 'em healthy and you don't kill them, they will always reproduce, even more, you can hand 'em to your friends, things like that. So, fancy guppies, one of the best fish.

4. Black-skirt Tetra

 care tips:

Tank size school of five black skirt tetra's can be kept in a 20 gallon or larger tank. Tank setup black skirt tetras like bright aquariums. With many hiding spaces like vegetation in the tank and lots of swimming space.

Water temperature suitable temperature for black skirt tetra between 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. What a pH level the ideal pH level or black skirt tetras is between 6.0 to 7.5 water. Filtration in the wild black skirt tetras is found in slow-moving streams. So a filter which creates no or little water movement is advisable. Tropical Fish. Fool black skirt tetra are omnivores and hence accept. All fish food like flakes bloodworms frozen foods etc.

Tank meets black skirt tetra - well with most fish of similar size and temperament. However, Finlay purrs like Tiger box should be avoided in the data number of fish black skirt tetra. Well in a school of five or more there were a few key tips for the black skirt tetras.

5. Zebra Danio

The Zebra Danio they get generally no longer than I would say any longer than two and a half inches. Is about the max I've personally seen them unless of course, you get the long thin variant and those are of course longer. These are not long Cyndi's are just regular sized and old liver danios and one of the things. Tropical Fish. That I was all just glad to start off by saying is I wouldn't personally put them in anything smaller than a 10 gallon.


Now technically you probably could get them smaller but. Just wouldn't do it out of throne comfort and ease when I first got the Zebra Danio. I knew it wasn't a 10 gallon and ahead four of them and I quickly moved on to this 29 and I have nine one thing. I did notice is when they had super Zebra Danio in the 10 gallons they chased each other a lot more. The reason being I'm pretty sure if they're being more territorial because. Tropical Fish. There's less you know territory to go around so there are be more protective of their space. Now, of course, they still do chase each other as you can probably see them doing now.

The good thing about zebra danio, in my opinion, Zebra Danio is their great beginner fish. They are very Hardy fish. They're also a cheap fish I'm not saying you should go in just. Tropical Fish. you know okay I was just going to the saying okay. Yeah, we can let these things be killed but there is a harder fish to kill. In my opinion, say they can stay in a big variety of water parameters pH anywhere. From about six and a half and eight my pH is generally a bit higher. So you know looks good that we got a heart of your fish here anywhere from movement.

That you could probably get them down to maybe sixty-five to seventy-eight degrees is the general temperature. You want to keep the Menai keep - 76 degrees. They generally live two to five years on average.

Zebra Danio is a schooling fish or shoaling whatever. you want to call it and then I would prefer to keep them. No less than three six would be but I best an ideal, in my opinion, you might be able to get away with that in the 10 gallons although. I would prefer it in a 20 gallon high at least being a 29 high. Tropical Fish. overall would say there are very easy and simple fish to take care of and a great beginner fish for you beginner Aquarius


Best Tropical Fish for Beginners

The most recognized species bottom-dwelling species in the hobby and that's the corydoras catfish let's get started.

What I'm gonna tell you guys it is my experiences with them now these guys are actually not as Hardy as people. Might think they probably started off party but there are extensively bred species. Tropical Fish. Of these Corydoras catfish that have really weak bloodlines because they're bred so much like the albino corydoras. The bronze corydoras or the peppered corydoras some of these. Streams are actually very weakened because they were extensively bred you know.


I recommend a larger tank layer 20 gallons or larger and this is also. Because a larger tank will allow fewer fluctuations in the water parameters especially. If it's planted so you guys might be wondering okay then what about pygmy corydoras. They're very small they can be put into nano tanks now those ones I'm not too sure about. Tropical Fish. Because I haven't had much experience with them but. I think I can tell you the same that they should be in a more well-established tank. and a tank that doesn't have very fluctuating parameters but you might be asking them. What how can you do that in a nano tank it's very easy for their parameters to fluctuate right.

So you definitely have to go that extra mile to make sure to check more frequently the water parameters. Corydoras.
Like pH and Kage and temperature and ammonia levels and definitely. One thing to do is to make sure the Nano tank is very well planted with live plants. This helps buffer a lot of things and also put in some rocks. Tropical Fish. That is good for the KH so it can buffer the pH as well. And water changes are definitely Ricky and for every species of corydoras regardless. Of if they've been extensively bred or not they definitely do well in higher temperatures like 27 degrees Celsius.

If you put them in a condition where it's like 22 degrees 23 they might be more susceptible to diseases. I've seen a lot of thin rod and hick on corydoras in tanks. That are not well heated they have a tough time coming back from those diseases.

So it's best to prevent them and one more thing that you should watch out for is the size and the shape of your gravel corridors. Have these sensitive barbules on their mouth area and they will be scavenging for food.

Their entire lives by using these barbules so if you have really sharp not rounded jagged.Corydoras, Tropical Fish.

Gravel and substrate you put them in that tank and they'll be scavenging. On that, for their whole lives, it's gonna do some damage to them. It's gonna wear down the barbules much faster and in some cases, it can lead to some parasitic or some disease.

7. Cherry Barb

Best Tropical Fish for Beginners

Tropical Fish. Cherry bulbs like most of you would know very good beginner fish. Perfect for little nano tanks and stuff and then get too big. They get about to about two inches so five centimeters their origin. They are from Sri Lanka.

How to care for them

They're like a temperature of about 22 to 28 degrees the like I said they're very easy to care for a lot of people actually have them as beginner fish.

They're very peaceful and don't hide. They like anything from fresh water they are an omnivore. So they'll have live food freeze-dried food flake food frozen bloodworms. the lifespan of these cherry bars is about 5 to 7 years.

8. Harlequin Rasbora

Best Tropical Fish for Beginners

Harlequin Rasbora, however, I have kept a close relation to colloquial as Barbara and the Eclipse house Rose Bora or the lamb chop raspberries. It's more commonly known in America rather than. The UK poor that's another name for it but the Harlequin Rasbora here and the scientific name is, Trigonostigma heteromorpha

Harlequin Rasbora is one of those easier freshwater fish to keep one of the mod nicer small petite little fish great for nano tanks. Usually 10 gallons 15 gallons you can usually go to that small size of Tanks and we'll mix well with other species of shoaling fish. Like these penguin tetras for example. They will mix with other species of shoaling fish. Tropical Fish. That comes from other continents like these penguin tetras come from South America.

Harlequin Rasbora is usually found in well found in Asia and but these days are sometimes from farm-raised bred in captivity you don't really get wild caught. Harlequin Rasbora but really anymore unless. Tropical Fish. You do special orders generally they're farm raised in Asia or bred in captivity a lot of fish keepers.


These guys with 25 degrees Celsius in any tropical aquarium is completely fine. Harlequin Rasbora peaceful fish takes a neutral pH a 10 pitch tropical temperature around 25 degrees. Tropical Fish. Schooling fish five-plus does well with other fish a community fish. Found in Asia and good to get planted aquariums very easy to keep.

Recommended to beginners really for these guys one of the easiest species to keep the even alternative to neon tetra. You know a lot of people get little small schooling fish is neon tetra Harlequin Rasbora has borrowed. The small and I consider them like neon tetra really because of the small very popular Asian fish. One of the most popular agent fishing in fact and keep quite small it could be kept in 10 15 gallon tanks like.

9. Otocinclus

Best Tropical Fish for Beginners

My favorite bottom-dwelling sucker fish in the planted aquarium. Now Otocinclus catfish are really awesome and they're coming in in a close second. But they do not clean up the aquarium as the auto cats do now. The auto cats are actually prolific algae eaters they will make sure your tank is very well. Tropical Fish. When it comes to algae so as long as you're not blasting. Your tank with hours and hours of life every single day and having algae blooms everywhere.


Otocinclus fish will keep your algae down to a good level. They actually tend to prefer larger schools and show schooling behavior. These guys in the past they are most of them are wild-caught. So there's kind of a shock in their environment and they really they're really sensitive. Tropical Fish. To that kind of changing the environment in their parameters and I would say it's a 50/50 chance. That they do well or they've died but you can really increase this chance for them.Otocinclus

If you have or if you're introducing them into a more established tank and odor tank but. If you really want them in your brand new aquarium. Just like I do all the time because I love these guys then really make sure that the parameters and your new aquarium are very stable. Otocinclus

So go get a heater to make sure the pH stays relatively the same day today. Tropical Fish. I have harder by having harder water and also it does help to get a group of them and for their food really have algae. Tropical Fish. Ready for them to actually turn on the lights a bit more and let algae grow a little bit. You can always clean it yourself but make sure to provide some food for these guys okay. They do tend to starve to death a lot of times so without further. Otocinclus


Best Tropical Fish for Beginners

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