All about Pomeranian : History, Care and All Information

All about Pomeranian : History, Care and All Information
All about Pomeranian: 

The Pomeranian knew as German dwarf Spitz. Is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world for their small size and cute appearance.

Pomeranian dog breed History.

Their original name was wolf Spitz which translated literally means wolf of Spitz. However, they often called spark Spitz dwarf it's Lulu or affectionately pom. They were popularized in ancient Greece and later in Rome being the favorite dog of wealthy women. The Pomeranian is a European Schmidt stock accepted by the FCI. Within the group five Spitz-type dogs although we know the Pomeranian as the Spitz job or Spitz brought. Their official name is still walsh bits. Unlike the former Pomeranians weighing around 23 kilograms. The current standard of breed is between one point eight and two-point-five kilograms. Therefore as we stated they are a toy or miniature dogs.

The Pomeranian was born in an ancient Duchy called Pomerania situated between Germany and Poland. Unlike the present Pomeranian, the first specimens were a much larger size. Basically, they were used as livestock dogs. They can fold sheep cattle and deer.

Although the Pomeranian was recognized by the English Kennel Club in 1870, it was not until Queen Victoria brought a Pomeranian from Italy that popularity grew. The queen’s Pomeranians were rather large gray dogs. By 1900, Poms had been recognized by the AKC.

All about Pomeranian : History, Care and All Information
All about Pomeranian : 

Pomeranian Breed Information.


Weight: 3-7 lb

Height: 8-11"

Family: Spitz

Area Of Origin: German

Date Of Origin: 1800s

Life Span: 12-15 Years

All about Pomeranian : History, Care and All Information
All about Pomeranian:

Pomeranian Coat.

Their coat is quite light and silky. So it is essential to brush them regularly at the moment the puppy type cut is very popular. This short head cut gives them a sweet look. Many people also claim that their coat does not produce allergies making. The breeder hypoallergenic dog accepted colors. Of this breed are mainly black, brown, white, orange grayish and it is said that other colors can also be included. The great variety of colors is really fascinating. Their expression is lively and fun they have medium-sized eyes. That is slightly slanting and dark. Their ears are small and triangular the muzzle neither too long nor too flat. Is not very thick but not sharp so it's in proportion to the skull. 

All about Pomeranian : History, Care and All Information
All about Pomeranian:

Home and Family.

The Pomeranian is a perfect dog for very different families. But you must be clear on something before adopting. They will need several walks from constant attention and time from you. We must also emphasize that sometimes the Pomeranian can be very vocal and bark a lot. So be prepared their dealings with children. Have buried enormously over the past few generations in the last century. They were considered unsuitable for little ones. Since they were impatient when kids pull their tail or hair. Sometimes they would react in an aggressive way currently. 

The Pomeranian dog is more affectionate calm and patient but for an excellent coexistence. It is important to teach children how to treat them. Always in a positive way and never to hurt them. Respecting the dog and leaving them alone when they grunt grunting. Is a totally normal and habitual form of communication will help us.

All about Pomeranian : History, Care and All Information
All about Pomeranian:


Avoid any unwanted incident Pomeranians do not need excessive care. Just brush them regularly to remove dirt and prevent the appearance of knots in their coat. We must also take care of their eyes and clean up any discharge during molting. They should be brushed daily. 

Once the dot begins to reach youth proceed to initiate them in basic obedience. Always use positive reinforcement teaching. Your doctor set to come here to lie down or to stand still will be basic for their safety. This will also strengthen your relationship with one another later. You can train your Pomeranian to apply advanced commands and bunny tricks. Thanks to their intelligence. 


The Pomeranian has long lost their instincts as a cattle dog. Nowadays they are very affectionate black dogs. Who hate solitude and lack of affection. They are also very active alert intelligent and even curious. 

All about Pomeranian : History, Care and All Information
All about Pomeranian:


We also must emphasize that it's important to guard them against the cold. Especially if we notice them trembling we must provide them with a jacket to go for a walk. Like most small dogs the Pomeranian is usually active and does such needs to receive. Between two and three walks a day plus games to keep your mind stimulated well. And help their exercise the Pomeranian is known as a very intelligent dog. So much so at times, they can become overly spoiled we must be firm in their training and education and set some guidelines before adopting them.

Whether to let them on the sofa or not when and where to eat etc. A fixed daily routine will be a very important factor to make our Pomeranian feel comfortable at home. During the puppy stage, we must actively practice socialization. A stage in which we teach our dog to relate to people children dogs cats and objects everything. That is known positively in this process will serve them in adulthood.


You will have no problem teaching them for bathing each month or two. Will suffice unless they get very dirty. It is also necessary to remove discharge around their eyes every day to check that their nails are the appropriate length. And to monitor their ears the Pomeranian tends to suffer dental problems. so it is recommended to brush their teeth and perform dental hygiene necessary to.

  • Major concerns: patellar luxation
  • Minor concerns: open fontanel, hypoglycemia, shoulder luxation, PRA, entropion
  • Occasionally seen: tracheal collapse, PDA, Legg-Perthes
  • Suggested tests: knee, eye, cardiac, hip

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