Small Garden Ideas 2018

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Create an Outdoor Room

Small Garden Ideas 2018

Turn a tiny patio into a gorgeous outdoor room by adding a freestanding pergola.

Go, Gravel,

Small Garden Ideas 2018

Crushed brick or gravel is a beautiful and low-maintenance paving option for small gardens

Capitalize on Trees

Small Garden Ideas 2018

If you have large trees with bare spots underneath them, why not put the barren ground to use by creating an outdoor living space

Add a Pond

Small Garden Ideas 2018

You don't need a huge backyard to have a water garden

Double Your Pleasure

Small Garden Ideas 2018..Small Garden Ideas 2018
Get twice the flowers and vegetables in your small garden by adding a trellis or low fence behind every planting bed.

Trees for Small Spaces

Small Garden Ideas 2018..Small Garden Ideas 2018

A small yard doesn't mean you can't have a gorgeous tree.

Welcome Wildlife

Small Garden Ideas 2018,,Small Garden Ideas 2018
Even a small garden can become a haven for birds and butterflies when you choose flowers they prefer.

Add a Mowing Strip

Small Garden Ideas 2018Small Garden Ideas 2018
Keeping turf grass from encroaching in your garden beds is a lot easier when you install a mowing strip at the border's edge.

Eliminate Lawns

Small Garden Ideas 2018Small Garden Ideas 2018Small Garden Ideas 2018Small Garden Ideas 2018
Put every square inch of your backyard to work by removing the sod to create usable outdoor living spaces.

Add Drama

Small Garden Ideas 2018Small Garden Ideas 2018Small Garden Ideas 2018

Give small gardens a big boost of style by adding an oversized gate or arbor at one end to act as a focal point.

Curve Walkways

Small Garden Ideas 2018

One way to create a sense of space in a small garden is to put some curves into your garden paths.

Rely on Pots

Small Garden Ideas 2018

Enjoy your own corner of paradise by packing your small garden with pots and planters overflowing with flowers and fragrant herbs.

Consider the Seasons

Small Garden Ideas 2018

When you plan your garden, think about how it’s going to look in all four seasons.

Rehab a Shed

Small Garden Ideas 2018

If the view from your backyard faces an ugly shed or garage, think about incorporating it into your garden design.

Color Your World

Small Garden Ideas 2018

Shady backyards are a great place to spend a hot summer afternoon, but too often, they can be a bit dark and dull.

Camouflage Trash

Small Garden Ideas 2018

Nothing ruins the view in a small backyard faster than a set of garbage cans blown over in the wind. 

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