Make Bonsai Soil Without Money

Make Bonsai Soil Without Money
tree has to be raised terribly rigorously as a result of a bonsai tree is totally different from the opposite plants. Creating a Bonsai tree takes a lot of time so everyone can not do it, even if you try and leave it in the middle. Bonsai is associate art that takes loads of your time to find out and works exhausting to induce exposed. To build beautiful bonsai first looks like a good tree and see that the tree does not die easily because the tree has to go through many hard steps. To make Bonsai with the trees, good soil is needed. Without good soil, the growth of the tree will not be okay, and the size of the tree will not be well. Bonsai soil is the right amount of fertilizer in the soil. What kind of trees will depend on the Bonsai soil?

Make Bonsai Soil Without Money

Make Bonsai Soil Without Money

Let's see how to make Bonsai soil without money.

Bonsai Soil Mix

Make Bonsai Soil Without Money

For Bonsai soil,
50% of gravels,
Make Bonsai Soil Without Money

 10% sand,
Make Bonsai Soil Without Money

 20% cow dung.
Make Bonsai Soil Without Money

20% soil.
Make Bonsai Soil Without Money

Bonsai soil created by mixing all the ingredients well. Now your Bonsai Soil ready Without Money. Very simple.

These materials will get very easily around your home. If you do not get the dung, you can make organic fertilizers very easy to prepare.

Keep the vegetables left behind in a bowl and organic fertilizer will be ready within one month.
Now buy a good tree shop or see if there is a good tree near your home.

Why these materials are used?

50% of the gravel, because of the use of gravel here, because of the water drainage system and the rapid growth of roots.

 10% sand and work are similar to the same gravel.

20%Cow dung, plat needs a lot of fertilizer for plant growth and health. If you do not use proper fertilizer, then good bonsai will not be there any day.
So we're using dung manure to get it very easily and it contains 3% nitrogen, 2% phosphorus, and 1% potassium (NPK 3-2-1) which helps to grow a tree correctly. If you are doing not use cow dung, organic fertilizers are often used.

20% normal soil, We all know that of the is not a tree without soil. The soil contains minerals which provide nutrients to plants.

Due to regular water supply, the soil of the tub does not dry up, because the water drainage system is very good in Bonsai

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