Labrador Retriever Dog

Labrador Retriever Dog

Labrador retriever Dog are commonly known as Labradors or labs. They are muscular athletic and friendly dogs. American Kennel Club ranks them as most popular dog breed. Labs are considered as ideal family dogs.

Labrador Retriever Dog Information.

Other names:                        Labrador

Common nicknames:            Lab

Origin:                                   United Kingdom and Canada

Foundation stock:                 St. John's water dog


Weight Male:                       65–80 lb (29–36 kg)

Female:                               55–70 lb (25–32 kg)

Colour:                                Black, chocolate, or yellow (ranges from pale yellow (nearly white) to fox red)

Litter size:                           5–10 puppies (avg: 7.6)

Life span:                           12–13 years

Labrador Retriever Dog food and nutritional:

Their food menu varies according to their age size and activity level consult. Your veterinarian about the type of dog. Food like dry raw canned. Or home-cooked food feed your puppy lab three to four times a day until three months of their age. Adult dogs are fed twice a day. Labradors love to eat do not feed them a lot. Otherwise they will become obese overfeeding. May also lead to bone and joint abnormalities check your lab root bone by putting hands on ribs. If you cannot feel the ribs bones easily then you are probably over feeding your dog. However if his ribs are clearly visible then he is too thin. In this case don't double the food instead take him to a vet for checkup.


Labrador Retriever Dog

Labrador Retriever Dogs are short-haired dogs and they do not need brushing whole year. However during the summer brush them weekly with a bristle brush to keep them clean and remove loose hairs. Labradors have sensitive skin frequent bath makes their skin dull and irritating. Bath them three or four times in a year. Or when they are very dirty use a good dog shampoo with pH balanced to their skin to avoid skin irritation. Trim your labs nails regularly use a good dog nail trimmer do it yourself or get a vet's help. Labs are more prone to ear infection clean their ears after swimming. Or taking a bath to avoid accumulation of wax or debris clean with the help of a vet. Or use a special ear cleaner q-tip damages their ear canal. Do not use it clean labs teeth regularly to avoid cracked or broken teeth. It also prevent gum diseases use a good dog toothbrush and paste.


Labrador Retriever Dog

Socialization is very important for mental health and behavioral training. Of a dog expose your Labrador to new people places and environment this will make him a confident and friendly dog. Labradors are ideal family dogs to start socialization from your home. If you go outside to Park Beach or any other place take them with yourself. Poorly socialized dogs are more likely to bark at and bite new people. The fear new people dogs and places that's why socialization is an important part of dog training.


Labrador Retriever Dog

Labrador Retriever Dog are very active and energetic dogs give them proper exercise to avoid any behavioral problems. Exercise keeps them away from mental stress obesity and will keep them healthy. Exercise them three times a day for at least half an hour each take them for a walk with you let them play in a fenced yard. To exercise their muscles and burn off extra fat. Labrador puppies need less exercise until 3 months of age they roughly need 15 minutes of exercise. divided into three rounds exercising a puppy too much can make him vulnerable to skeletal or joint diseases.


Labrador Retriever Dog

Training is very important for any kind of dog. Labradors are intelligent dogs and can be trained easily this is a detailed topic and cannot be covered here. You need to crate train potty train your laboratory and teach them to follow some basic obedience. Commands if met your lab in kindergarten classes to learn some basic behaviors. Always use positive reinforcements during training be patient do not yell on them.

Some health problem:

Labrador Retriever Dog

Labradors are usually healthy dogs but they may prone to some health problems. Overweight and obesity are common problems. And Labradors which can lead to heart and joint diseases exercise them properly and watch over their diet fleas. Ticks tapeworm and other parasites can harm them a lot take good care of them and have a good grooming schedule to avoid these things. Your Labrador can experience eye and ear problems contact a veterinarian. In case of any problem vaccination is very important to save your labrador puppy from fatal diseases vaccinations. Usually starts when a puppy is two months old vaccinate. Your puppy against rabies hepatitis parvo virus etc. Take your Labrador to a veterinarian at least twice a year.

Labrador Retriever Dog Need Love and Attention:

Labrador Retriever Dog

Puppy labs also need booster vaccine every year. Laughs need love affection in time from their owners labs are ideal family dogs and they love to be in a family. Where they gets attention labs love their owners and expect to be loved in return spending time with your lab. Helps make a strong bond with your dog

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