Banyan Tree Care

Banyan Tree Care

Bayan tree Is the most common tree for the beginning of bonsai maker. Banyan tree is the most recommended for bonsai lovers. It's less maintenance and a good result.

The Banyan (Ficus benghalensis) is a fig tree that starts life as an epiphyte, sprouting in the hole of a host tree or other structure. As it develops, the banyan tree produces ethereal roots that hang down and flourish wherever they contact the ground. These thick roots really influence the tree to seem to have a few.

It grows up to 100 feet tall and can cover numerous sections of land of land in its local areas of India and Asia. Given the tree's size and the way that it requires exceptionally mellow temperatures all year, it is frequently developed as a porch or houseplant. It very well may be developed entirely inside or put outside until the point that cool climate arrives. In U.S. Branch of Agriculture zones 10 through 12 it tends to be left outside all year.

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Banyan Tree Care.

It is Very easy,


Watering is the most important for banyan tree. Very less water cause die tree and overwatering cause die. Water maintained is very important watering every day but balance watering. A humidity tray is also very beneficial in encouraging aerial roots to form. And also known as a water drainage system.

Temperature, location, and lighting.

Banyan tree is most one of the tree for indoor and outdoor purpose. It survived outdoor in summer and cold winter. Ficus prefer fairly consistent moisture levels and temperatures. Indoor bonsai is the best when the air is 60-85 F.


Banyan tree does not need so much fertilizer. Only used organic compost is good for banyan tree. You also used vermicompost, neem cake or mustard cake. Feeding frequency should be reduced in the winter.


Banyan tree well with the pruning. They are the family of ficus fig, so when a branch cut tree will leak white milky latex substance. The tree may be trimmed throughout a year. Tree produce 6 or 7 leaves a branch.

This Banyan bonsai needs to be wired while the shoots are still flexible. Once the branches lignify it becomes difficult to train them. Check the wire often as fig trees are very vulnerable to scarring.


Repotting is very important for this plant. First of all, make bonsai soil. 

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Insects/Pests & Diseases

The fig tree is genuinely impervious to illness and irritation issues. 
On the off chance that bug bugs or scale are observable on the plant, a bug spray might be utilized. The leaves can disclose to you a great deal about this sort of bonsai so watch for withering, staining, spots, or medical issues of any sort. 
Ficus sp. is charming bonsai for veterans and new lovers alike, and with some additional exertion might be changed into stunning banyan trees that will be friendly exchanges for a considerable length of time to come.

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